The Time For Some Chaoyang Theater Acrobatics

Congratulations boys and girls, seems the Chinese new year has finished with not too many casualities. Only kidding! It was a smooth ride, with controlled drinking and this time, for the first year in Beijing I was wearing safety glasses. Now it’s time to take a deep breath and really look at what’s ahead for the next year of the sheep. I am seeing something big coming this way, just I can feel it. After all, China and especially this city is the land of opportunities. I guess that’s what I strongly felt the first time when I got there.. and while some of the opportunities have diminished as people have realised their dreams more and more.. the stakes are still high and you can do a lot here that perhaps you no longer cannot in the west.

One of those things that makes me feel like I can really do anything is the Chaoyang Theatre Acrobatics Show which we go to see to get that dose of courage that we need on a yearly basis. While it’s best to experience the endless possibilities by yourself, it’s also important to go and see how far some have reach. While entrepreneurship is getting stronger by the day, going back into the roots and history of China will still give you the examples with most impact. Afterall, the history does go pretty damn deep with a lot of interesting things on the way. That is, on the way to what lead the acrobatic theatre having reached as far as it incredibly has today.

Chaoyang Theatre Acrobatics Show in Beijing 1

Chaoyang Theatre Acrobatics Show in Beijing 2

I can almost bet, that you cannot find a more skillful acrobat show in the whole world, including those of Las Vegas or other famous ones.. Yes, I am sure that there are loads of acrobatics show productions all over the world that have a huge budget, much bigger than that of the Chaoyang Theatre of course. But it doesn’t matter because money wont win here. What makes the best feats will be obviously the most astounding one, dispite of the setting. And saying that the Flying Acrobatics are still a relatively big stage production with a huge historical theatre that is glowing with elegance of a very unique kind.

So after the new year has ended, what better time to go to see the what feats the stage hosts this year and get a kind of a reset for your brain. Freshening up with a bit of acrobatic skill madness, sounds perfect to us! Turns out that we were not the only ones who had the same idea as the Chaoyang Theatre was just packed. But that is equally an important part of the whole show, where the atmosphere goes up to the roof.. thanks to a crowd that is screaming and standing up to cheer the stage performers. It’s really something breahtaking which is not always easy to explain to tourists, but I try anyway like in this article. Perhaps watching a sneak peak show trailer would help, check it out. If you are in Beijing, don’t miss on the acrobatics show at chaoyang theatre, and don’t forget to buy discount tickets available at most booking websites.

Have a good year of the sheep.. See you soon guys and gals!

Your Beijing expert,
Mark Wu

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