Real Beijing is on The Streets

For anyone who is looking for an authentic and mind opening experience of China and Beijing is going to be a pretty cool guy. It’s not that easy to go into it, especially with a western mind that often has it’s limitations with adventure. While Beijing is all about adventure, surprisingly many people come without actually experiencing much any of it. China has become like a superficial travel destination for those who want a one time picture experience that they can show at home. Look, I’ve been to the great wall of China! Well, I have news for you people. This doesn’t really say if you have been to China or not. Okay, maybe that’s a bit harsh from my part. It doesn’t say if you have experienced China in it’s original form.

A lot of the infastructure that has been created around tourism is just plain money motivated. With all kinds of people between every transaction trying to make a buck. Forget ethics or any kind of business rules, if there is a way to make money of tourists then that will be made in Beijing.

Beijing an Odd Mix

But actually that’s the great thing about the place because those coolest and most amazing experiences are left alone for those adventurous enough. If you are someone who wants to do on their travels the same thing everyone else is doing. Then China will be a good match and a fun one at that. But if you want to find your own exciting way, China is a dream come true!

With a lot of flexibility, cheap when you know your way around… and open people who like to communicate with you. I can tell from my deep experience, that you are in for a ride that’s nowhere else. And that in it’s essense makes Beijing such a cool place to be. You have to walk the streets between all that fancy stuff, because in China that is where life is. Or more over, that is where the meeting with life is.

Watch out, China could teach you more than you are ready for.

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