Not so Cool: Access Blocked Google from China

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With all the greatness that is keeping me here in the buzzing city with a pumping heart.. There are also definitely quite a few things that are not that cool in Beijing. I mean wherever you go, one is going to have the “bad” and “good” side. It’s just a pick on what suits you best and definitely China is not for everyone. Anyway, I started wondering is google blocked in China and turns out it is. I couldn’t access my favorite search engine and it really started to bug me. While there are obviously ways around accessing google, I couldn’t help thinking that this is some sort of a scam from the government. In a way it is, because they are trying to protect “sensitive information” without consulting the people themselves. It’s a forced restriction and has nothing to do with the free will of China’s citizens. Well, probably most of you already know all that rap about the evil government. Which is not that evil really.. one could argue that the Chinese are used to a little bit different sort of a complicated system than we are in the west. Knowing your way around things, might take a little time for foreigners.. but there are still clear ways that things operate here.

Besides that, you need to know where you can cross the line and where not. Obviously quite a few people at Google are not very good friends with the Chinese government. But they know that people are passing the restrictions. Especially if you don’t need a VPN to access Google like in the nice little how to that I posted earlier on.. then you can say that no one is going to mind. It’s just to stop things a little so that “things” don’t get out of hand. I am sure their model is successful and they need to kind of experiment and hold on to the leash at all times. In case things get out of hand, Beijing is ready to say “stop!” and hault the whole thing. It’s a funny situation really, but necessary according to those who know the problem. Of course by blocking Google they are preventing the devision of a republic that should have devided by natural circumstances a long time a go.

A lot of foreigners just get annoyed: “Damn, I can’t access Google!”. But there are reasons behind everything as you can see 😛

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