New Year Maddness in Beijing

It’s Chinese new year, yeah! Hooray! It’s time to celebrate.. or is it? Well. It really depends on who you ask. Also “where in China”, will obviously have a big influence on that answer as well. In Beijing you could call it the best, the coolest or the worst. Depending on what you like of course. I have loads of expat friends who especially for the new year festivities, escape the country. Even some that hardly ever leave China and stay very true to the city.. take a flight to some nearest, more calm country during this one week long period.

Chinese Flashy New Year

Then there are those who absolutely love it. Drink up and party all night for a whole week. If you are crazy enough, it’s probably an experience worth it. For those who like calm, stay away this is warning. =)

Either way, if you happen to be in the city expect a lot of fireworks everywhere, all the time. They wont stop.. whenever you look out the window, at any time of the day.. yes during day time!! you will see fireworks.. and things blowing up. And the car alarms, they will join the fun of course. It will be quite dangerous as well, so if you get drunk… walk the streets with huge caution.

That said, enjoy yourself or escape. Up to you but anyway, cool Beijing wishes you a happy new year of the sheep. or was it the goat? There are so many animals every year that I keep forgetting. Cheers!!!

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