How I First Fell in Love with Beijing

I thought it would be a story worth sharing, what really started my journey in the very cool Beijing. It was not love at first sight to tell you the truth. In fact, the first time I arrived here I hated it. Mainly because of the crowded city, it’s pollution and noise. But that’s not just all, I thought the people here were unpolite and noisy as well. Of course, I didn’t speak the language then and couldn’t much communicate with everyone. Even though a lot of people attempted to talk to me, in Chinese of course. The language that has become one of the major languages in the whole world. So I guess it can be expected that visitors speak their language, instead of it being the other way around.. like in most non-english speaking countries.

Beijing Night Street View

I was a pretty ordinary tourist back then too, and just visited local sights.. like the tempel of heaven, forbidden palace, and tiananmen square to name a few ones most people know. Of course, I really enjoyed visiting those places and thought that these are very special in the city. But the real meeting with the soul of the area just didn’t happen. I felt distant and non-comfortable at times.

Perhaps it was just luck or coincidence, but after when I went to Shanghai i totally fell in love with that place. It was because of meeting great people that were showing me around the amazing city, I guess! Then I decided to stay there, and lived in Shanghai for a year or so. After a great, fun year and learning lots of Mandarin. I went back to Beijing with my friends, and met for the first time.. yes, real Beijingers. I went to underground clubs, and realised that this is a cool one of a kind place that I just had to live in.

And here I am!=)

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